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Spanish Sales Horses: A Guide to Buying PRE Horses in Spain🐴

Introduction: Welcome, dear horse lovers and enthusiasts! 🌟

Today, we delve into the fascinating topic of spanish sales horses. If you’re contemplating buying Spanish horses, you’re in the right place! We will introduce the process, considerations, and our service as holistic horse dealers for Spanish horses. 🌿

Spanish Horses: A Class Apart 🐴

Spanish horses, especially PRE horses, are globally renowned for their beauty, elegance, and versatility. Purchasing such a horse can be a rewarding investment, both emotionally and financially. But where can one find Spanish horses for sale, and what should one consider when buying?

The Buying Process: Purchasing Spanish Horses 🛒

If you wish to buy Spanish horses, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the buying process. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Research: Gather information about different breeds, prices, and available Spanish sales horses.

  • Spanish Horse Dealers: Contact reputable dealers specializing in Spanish horses.

  • Viewing: Schedule visits to personally see the horses and assess their suitability.

  • Veterinary Examination: Have the horse examined by a vet to ensure its health.

  • Negotiation and Purchase: Negotiate the price and finalize the purchase once you find the right horse.

Where to Find Spanish Sales Horses? 📍

There are numerous places to find Spanish horses for sale. Here are some options:

  • Online Platforms: Various websites and platforms list Spanish sales horses.

  • Spanish Horse Dealers: Specialized dealers can offer a wide range of options and assist in selection.

  • Direct from Breeders: Some breeders sell their horses directly to buyers.

  • Horse Fairs and Events: These events are a good opportunity to see different horses and network.

What to Consider When Buying? 🧐

When purchasing Spanish horses, consider several factors:

  • Health and Fitness: A veterinary examination is essential to ensure the horse’s health.

  • Temperament and Behavior: The horse should exhibit a pleasant temperament and good behavior.

  • Level of Training: Consider the level of training you require and whether the horse meets it.

  • Value for Money: Compare prices and ensure that the price is fair and reasonable.

Our Service: Horse Viewing and Consultation in Spain and Portugal!

I specialize in viewing horses in Spain and Portugal for international clients. My services are for horse lovers worldwide seeking the perfect horse.

Comprehensive Assessment

During each viewing, I conduct a comprehensive assessment, including photo and video recordings and a personal evaluation of the horse. This assessment includes:

  • Horse’s key data

  • Character check according to Parelli

  • Examination for injuries and scars

  • Analysis of movement patterns

Individual Horse Presentation

Thanks to my detailed assessment, I can introduce a horse to my clients that meets their requirements and desires.

Purchase Handling

I also manage smooth purchase handling, organize pre-purchase examinations, and transportation.

I maintain contact with my clients even after the purchase and support them with consultations on feed conversion. I am also available for any future questions or concerns. My clients' satisfaction and the joy in my work are my greatest motivators.

Conclusion: Your Dream Horse Awaits 🌟

Buying Spanish sales horses can be an exciting journey. Whether you’re buying PRE horses or considering other Spanish breeds, being informed and choosing carefully is crucial. Remember to consult known horse dealers with a business or company for Spanish horses and conduct all necessary checks to ensure you find the perfect horse. 🐴💕

We hope this guide helps you find your dream horse and understand the process of buying Spanish horses better. Good luck in your search for Spanish horses for sale, and may your new horse bring you joy for many years!

Woman cuddling his new buyed horse.


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