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Horse Feeding in Spain: Green Oats (Avena en Rama) – A Sweet Grass with Many Benefits 🐴🌿

Introduction: Welcome back, dear horse lovers! 🌟 Today, we are taking a closer look at horse feeding in Spain, focusing especially on green oats (Avena en Rama), a valuable and nutritious feed. 🌿 But what exactly are green oats, why are they considered a sweet grass, and why are they so beneficial for horses? 🤔 Let’s explore together!

What are Green Oats (Avena en Rama)? 🌿

Green oats are a product of oats harvested immaturely and used as animal feed. They are considered a sweet grass due to their relatively sweet taste compared to other grasses. Despite their sweetness, green oats contain relatively low sugar and carbohydrates, making them an excellent feed option for horses.

Horse Feeding in Spain

In Spain, horse feeding plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and well-being of horses. Green oats are a popular feed, offering numerous benefits.

20 Benefits of Green Oats 🌿

  1. High Nutritional Value

  2. Rich in Fiber

  3. Easily Digestible

  4. Natural Energy Source

  5. Supports Muscle Development

  6. Promotes Gut Health

  7. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

  8. Boosts the Immune System

  9. Supports Hoof Health

  10. Promotes a Shiny Coat

  11. Low Allergy Risk

  12. Supports Respiratory Health

  13. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

  14. Enhances Fertility

  15. Supports Milk Production in Broodmares

  16. Improves Stress Resistance

  17. Promotes Condition and Endurance

  18. Supports Weight Management

  19. Promotes Dental Wear

  20. Low Dust Content

We can offer you green oats cobs produced directly in spain!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Horse Feeding in Spain 🐴


  • Diverse Feed Selection

  • High-Quality, Local Feed like Green Oats

  • Adaptation to Climatic Conditions


  • Cost-Intensive

  • Time-Consuming

  • Risk of Malnutrition

Conclusion 🌿

Green oats (Avena en Rama) are an essential component of horse feeding in Spain, thanks to their numerous health benefits and suitability as a low glycemic feed. Horse feeding in Spain places great emphasis on a balanced and nutritious diet to ensure the well-being of horses. 🐴💚

We hope you now have a deeper insight into the significance of green oats in horse feeding and their numerous benefits. Stay tuned for more exciting topics around horses! 🌟


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