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ID :


PRE approved stallion Paco Marti Cartujano with full papers

Breed : 

Age :


4 years

Gender :



161 cm

Color :




Full Papers : 


Location :

Spanien, 46666, Rafelguaraf

ID :



10.000 € - 15.000 €

Description :

Young horses: Here comes Alrico, our charming horse with Spanish temperament, just waiting to start off with you! With its 161 cm, it's not a giant, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with personality and charisma. Its dark buckskin color and strong, baroque build are real eye-catchers. And that neck! Simply wow!
Although Alrico hasn't been ridden yet, you can feel his desire and curiosity to explore the world. He is sensitive and genuinely likes people. As soon as you approach him, he will probably stretch his head towards you curiously. He has that special connection with us bipeds and is looking forward to someone who will stand by him through thick and thin.
And then his gait! When Alrico starts moving, you'll see what makes Spanish horses so special. Truly expressive and with an elegance that takes your breath away.
Oh, and let's talk about his pedigree. This guy has the blood of Paco Marti and Cartujano running through his veins - those are truly recognized names in the horse world. It's like nobility among horses!
Alrico is more than just a horse. He's a companion with whom you can not only dance in the riding arena, but also experience adventures. He needs someone who understands him and learns and grows with him. With Alrico, you're not only bringing a piece of Spanish equestrian culture into your stable, but also a friend for life.
Alrico is ready for his journey and is just waiting for you. With you by his side, he will surely show what he's made of. He's your blank canvas, your chance to experience something great together. Seize the opportunity and start the adventure with Alrico, the horse that is ready to grow with you and conquer the world!

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