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Portuguese sport horse Lusitano mare full papers

Breed : 

Age :


2 years

Gender :



140 cm

Color :




Full Papers : 


Location :

Spanien, 46666, Rafelguaraf

ID :



6.000 €

Description :

Foal: Loving words for our enchanting Lusitano mare:
The gentle eyes of this young Lusitano mare reflect the infinite beauty and potential of a true queen of hearts. Her radiant blue eye is like a mysterious window to her soul. It sparkles like the clear sky on a sunny day, promising adventure and trust. Her movements are a true symphony of grace, where each movement showcases the harmony of a true Lusitano.

Although she is only one year old today, one can already feel her powerful presence and aura of majesty. With an estimated final height of 163 cm, she will have an impressive appearance that will capture hearts in an instant.

This exceptional mare is suitable for both working equitation and breeding. She carries the promises of the past and the dreams of the future within her. May she be a light of joy and happiness in your life, accompanying you on your adventures, whether it be in the competition arena or in breeding.

May the time spent with this special mare be filled with love, trust, and unforgettable moments that will enrich your heart forever. She is more than just a horse; she is a living legend waiting to make history with you

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