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PRE broodmare granddaughter of Educado full papers

Breed : 

Age :


5 years

Gender :



165 cm

Color :




Full Papers : 


Location :

Spanien, 46666, Rafelguaraf

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Price on request

Description :

Breed: PRE Broodmare: A true beauty with an impressive pedigree. This PRE broodmare is a true treasure for any horse lover. With a height of 165 cm, she is not only majestic but also extremely elegant. What really sets her apart, though, is her pedigree. This mare is a licensed granddaughter of Educado X, a renowned PRE stallion from 1990. As a result, she proudly carries the bloodlines of Guardiola and Cartujano within her. These bloodlines are known for their excellence and influence on the Spanish horse breeding. With such noble heritage, she is undoubtedly an asset to any breeding program. Her coat color is also particularly remarkable. As a filly, she was born in a stunning buckskin hue, indicating that she carries the Cr gene. This gene not only gives her a unique color but can also pass on valuable traits in breeding. Although she is well-suited for breeding, this mare also has great potential for further training. Her majestic appearance and noble pedigree make her an excellent choice for riders and trainers seeking a horse with class and talent. Overall, this PRE broodmare is an unmistakable gem with a fascinating history. Her connection to Educado X and the presence of the Guardiola and Cartujano bloodlines make her a jewel in the world of Spanish horse breeding. Whether you work in breeding or are looking for a partner for further training, this mare will undoubtedly exceed all your expectations

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