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ID :


PRE breeding mare Licensed chestnut roan with Pearl gene full papers

Breed : 

Age :


5 years

Gender :



164 cm

Color :

Chestnut roan



Full Papers : 


Location :

Spanien, 46666, Rafelguaraf

ID :



10.000 € - 15.000 €

Description :

Breed: We are pleased to introduce an impressive PRE chestnut mare from the year 2019. With a current height of 164 cm, she impresses not only with her imposing size but also with her unique genetics.
She carries a Pearl gene, a rare and coveted color genetics that makes her a real eye-catcher.
The mare displays beautiful baroque lines, which are typical for the PRE breed.
Her muscular appearance, combined with elegant and expressive movements, makes her an ideal choice for breeders. Her gaits are flowing and harmonious.
For those interested in a young horse that is ready to learn and grow together with them, we offer the opportunity to purchase the mare already started under saddle for an additional fee.
This way, you not only acquire a valuable horse for breeding but also a horse that has already gained some experience in work under saddle.
In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that this PRE chestnut mare not only convinces with her external qualities but also with her balanced and friendly nature.
She is always willing to learn and cooperate, making her a wonderful choice for both ambitious breeders and lovers of the PRE breed.
Take this chance and get to know this jewel better. A horse that knows how to convince in every respect with its color, gaits, and character

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