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Splendid colt 6 months old with a height of 143cm by Paco Marti, complete with full papers

Breed : 

Age :


2 years

Gender :



143 cm

Color :

Black horse



Full Papers : 


Location :

Spanien, 46666, Rafelguaraf

ID :



6.000 €

Description :

Gorgeous PRE colt foal - black coat, full papers, outstanding movements, Paco Marti in the lineage, already standing at 143 cm at 6 months old! This exceptional young colt foal shows promising talent for various riding disciplines. His striking black coat, full pedigree papers, and impressive movements make him an outstanding choice. With Paco Marti in his lineage, he inherits a tradition of excellence. At just 6 months old, he already measures an impressive 143 cm. This remarkable growth potential makes him suitable for working equitation, dressage, recreational riding, and even breeding. Notably, his sire is a perlino with Cr and Prl genes, which means the young colt foal can carry either the Cr or Prl gene. This opens up exciting possibilities for his future. Videos and character check evaluation available upon request!

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