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Palomino Tobiano Lusitano Zeus Cruzado - Palomino Tobiano Lusitano Zeus Cruzado

Breed : 

Age :


2 years

Gender :



150 cm

Color :




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Location :

Spanien, 46666, Rafelguaraf

ID :



7.500 €

Description :

Foal: Discover the true beauty and amazing talent of our Lusitano Cruzado named Zeus, a truly majestic Palomino Pinto who is just 13 months old and already stands at 153 cm.

This colt is a true eye-catcher, whose expression captivates every heart. The pedigree of this impressive animal speaks for itself: His father, an imposing Tobiano standing at 172 cm, has already proven to pass on not only elegance but also talent.

Thus, this Lusitano Cruzado promises not only beauty but also a promising future in dressage, shows, or recreational riding. With its grace and temperament, this horse is perfect for the demanding world of dressage. However, its expressive power and presence also make it an excellent candidate for the show stage, where it will undoubtedly attract attention.

And if you simply want to enjoy relaxed rides in nature, it is also your ideal companion. We understand that you want the best for this exceptional horse, that's why we offer the opportunity to keep Zeus in foal rearing in Valencia. Here, he can grow up in a relaxed and caring environment to develop optimally.

This Lusitano Cruzado is more than just a horse - it is a work of art by nature, ready to bring you joy, success, and unforgettable moments. Its future is bright, and with you by its side, it will shine even brighter. For more information, simply contact us!

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