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Fuego Andalusian gelding lovable lightly ridden

Breed : 

Age :


5 years

Gender :



160 cm

Color :




Full Papers : 


Location :

Deutschland, 30900, Wedemark

ID :



6.000 €

Description :

Imagine a fox-colored Andalusian gelding who impresses not only with his color but also with his personality and abilities. Meet Fuego, a 4.5-year-old horse ready to find his perfect home. Fuego has a distinctive blaze that enhances his charisma. His care has always been of the utmost priority, with regular visits to the farrier ensuring optimal hoof health, and only the best feed finding its way into Fuego's feed trough. This is reflected in his shiny coat and robust health. Social in nature, Fuego has always lived in an open stable, which has allowed him to develop a high level of social competence and composure. He is the perfect example of how environment and care can bring out the best in a horse. In terms of training, Fuego has been schooled in both horsemanship and classical riding art. He has been started under saddle and shows great aptitude whether being ridden with a halter, bridle, or neck ring. His special ability to "park" is a testament to his intelligence and trainability. His movements are elegant and powerful, a true delight for any rider. Fuego has the potential to shine in dressage as well as other disciplines. He has always been healthy, making him a reliable and long-lasting choice for any horse lover. Fuego is looking for a home that will provide him with love, attention, and the continuation of his excellent care and training. He is ready to share his heart and talents with a new owner who recognizes the beauty and potential within him. If you are looking for an exceptional horse that combines beauty, intelligence, and talent, then Fuego is the perfect choice. Don't miss the opportunity to bring this exceptional gelding into your life. Fuego is waiting to begin his journey with you. Location: Hannover

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