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Pura Raza Española 🐴

The Pura Raza Española (PRE), often referred to as the Andalusian (when no proven lineage is present), represents a historic Spanish horse breed originating from the region of Andalusia. This breed is globally recognized for its stunning beauty, balanced temperament, and impressive agility.

Known as one of the oldest horse breeds, the breeding of the Pura Raza Española started back in the 15th century in Spain. Over time, it has crystallized as one of the preferred breeds in dressage and is also utilized in disciplines such as Western riding, show jumping, Working Equitation, and driving.

Characteristics 🐴

The PRE is a medium-sized horse, with a withers height varying between 1.60 and 1.70 meters. It is characterized by a baroque, muscular build, an elegant, long neck, and a short, sturdy back. With a broad chest and a deep, well-formed belly, the breed presents itself in a harmonious body structure. Their legs are long and strong, topped with robust, curved hooves.

Coat Colors 🎨

Originally, the Pura Raza Españolas presented themselves in colors like bay, gray, chestnut, and black. However, nowadays, there are also breeds in special colors like dun, palomino, and buckskin. Their coat is long, silky, and often wavy.

Temperament and Intelligence 🌟

The Pura Raza Española is an intelligent, eager-to-learn horse, characterized by its ease of training. Its friendly and gentle nature, coupled with impressive radiance and grace, makes it the ideal partner for dressage and recreational riders who are looking for a horse with character and presence.

Conclusion 🌿

The Pura Raza Española, with its elegant appearance and graceful temperament, is a treasure for every horse lover and rider seeking a versatile and charismatic horse.



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